Summit Lockbox®

Simplify your supply chain.
Maximize your productivity. 

By having us deliver secure material directly to your jobsite, Summit Lockbox® cuts down on wasted time while helping keep your projects on schedule. 

Manage your onsite inventory with:
  • Secure Mobile Storage – Our all-steel, lockable construction features heavy-duty casters and forklift guides that stand up to any environment. 
  • Supply Chain Efficiency – With our Summit Lockbox, you can reduce ordering, receiving, and billing frequency – all while eliminating storage and non-value-added labor costs.  
  • Inventory Flexibility – This highly configurable solution can meet your unique storage needs. Our lockbox supports wire reels, shelving, or a combination of both.  
  • Customized Inventory Management – You can easily manage material, track usage, and stock levels using Summit Snapstock® with VMI and CMI capabilities.  
  • Regular Replenishment – Keep your project on schedule and avoid material shortages with a Summit Lockbox delivered directly to your jobsite or work area. You determine the replenishment schedule. 

Use Summit Lockbox® to help:  

Reduce Labor


Decrease Storage

Eliminate Loss
and Theft

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Stop settling for chaos on the job site, losing customers, and the endless cycle of never getting ahead. Instead gain confidence with customers, be celebrated by your company, and never miss your kid's games again.


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