Account pricing in your procurement system.

With your customized Summit catalog, you can upload account-specific pricing files into your procurement system. So regardless of if you use Summit for a few, or all, of our product categories, your team will have easy access to your account-specific pricing. 

With customer catalogs, you’ll get: 
  • Your Pricing – Once our catalog is in your procurement system, you can be sure that your entire team is getting your negotiated discounts. This helps you save money across your whole enterprise. 
  • Choice of What to Include – Your customer catalog can cover some, many, or all product categories we carry. Tell us what you want, and we’ll match the catalog to fit your needs. 
  • Automatic Updates – With our catalog loaded into your procurement system, you won’t have to “remember to” use account pricing. Instead, your pricing automatically populates with each catalog update – giving you the full benefit of your discounts. 
Customer Catalogs

With Customer Catalogs, You'll:

Have Up-to-Date

Save Time Finding
the Right Products

Take Advantage
of Discounts

Reduce Manual

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