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Online Bill Pay Promotion

Save Time and Money.

Online Bill Pay lets you pay bills when it’s best for your schedule so you’ll have time to focus on what’s most important. You’ll also reduce postage costs and avoid costly mail delays.

Just register and link your business account (here’s how). Then Log In and select Bill Pay from the drop down menu. Select the invoices you want to pay, then enter your banking information. In just a couple clicks, you’re done! Future payments are even faster when you save your banking information.

Safe and Secure Transactions.

ACH bill payments are securely processed, and you’ll get instant confirmations when you enter your email. With all of your account information available online, you’ll never lose a statement or invoice again.

Give Yourself a Little Credit.

You can also choose to apply existing credits towards your payment. Just select any available credit and check the “Take” box. Your accounts will be credited by the selected amounts right away. No phone calls. No delays. Just instant credit.

Questions? Send us an email or call us at 800-824-4400.