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Customized Reports

Summit services one-man shops, international companies and everything in between. We serve contractors, MROs, EP&Cs, OEM, government and more. Each of these have their own procurement, receiving and accounting systems and need to see information differently. Summit understands this. Our SAP system enables us to provide customized reports which can cover virtually any report request.


For large industrial projects, reporting can be done through MySummit®,  an easy-to-use web portal that connects customers to Summit’s advanced inventory management and logistic systems.  

The portal not only allows for monitoring inventory levels and viewing real-time availability of materials assigned to any Summit-managed location, but also allows you to analyze purchase history and material usage patterns by account, job, purchase order or date range.

Choose from dozens of graph types to report purchase and usage results, create PDF files of reports, and export to Excel. See sample reports.