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Gain Efficiency, Cut Costs with Summit's Practical MRO Procurement Options.

Choose from a customized primary punch-out catalog, third-party punch-out catalog integration, or an SAP direct ordering connection that can eliminate the need for a punch-out catalog altogether – a strategic supply advantage.

Each option streamlines ordering across multiple locations and ensures increased efficiency while reducing costs.

Primary Punch-Out Catalog

Summit originally developed its own punch-out catalog to accommodate a large federal government facility. This catalog features a robust search capability, rich product data, real time stock availability data, and customer-specific pricing.

Catalog Punchout

1. Customer catalog (special pricing, customer-specific part numbers, etc.) is created in Summit's online system.

2. Customer browses catalog and creates shopping cart.

3. Saved shopping cart is 'punched out' to customer's system.

4. Customer places order using information from punch-out list.

Summit’s electronic catalog is built in Java with an XML parser. The catalog accepts an incoming “Punchout Setup Request.” Then a “Punchout Setup Response” is generated. Users have the option of leaving Summit’s electronic catalog without creating a shopping cart, abandoning an in-process shopping cart, or completing the checkout process.

The catalog calculates price based on the users’ selections and any applicable sales tax. When users click the checkout button, an HTML form is submitted back to the URL specified in the “Punchout Setup Response,” with all the necessary item detail in a “Punchout Order Message.” Users then complete the purchasing process.

Records of items selected by your company’s users from our punchout Web site can be returned in several file formats for your convenience, including XML, CSV, or flat file. We can also support standard EDI transaction sets.

Third Party Integrations

Some customers prefer a third-party solution that aggregates multiple vendors to a common procurement platform. The third party writes the interface that the customer’s system can communicate with, and Summit manages the data sent to the third party from vendors.

This system can be cost effective since customers can pay a monthly fee to have a system that’s compatible for multiple vendors, so it’s fast and convenient. And it eliminates the need for Summit to write multiple interfaces to accommodate various material requests for individual customers.

Summit can integrate our punch-out catalog capabilities with various third-party solutions such as Vinimaya and Supplier Solutions.

SAP Direct

Summit uses internationally recognized SAP*. This enterprise resource planning software is used by some of the largest corporations in the world, including leading manufacturers. Summit’s platform means we can often streamline procurement and business processes between manufacturers and customers.

When a customer also uses SAP, we have unique opportunities to use the technology to increase the speed and efficiency of our business relationship. Through our shared SAP platforms, we can jointly develop a much more tightly integrated procurement system that would eliminate the need for a punch-out system.


Regardless of the integration method your company requires, our punch-out catalog capabilities are backed up by reliable inventory levels.

Summit provides the technical capabilities and quality products you need to keep your facilities running on schedule, and on budget.

Simplify your procurement processwith our punch-out catalog options.
Contact your local service center to find out which solution is right for your needs.

Learn more about how Summit can meet your MRO procurement needs.