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Summit OnSite - On-Site Inventory Solution at Job Sites

Summit’s electronic inventory replenishment tool brings high-tech inventory management direct to your job site, so you’re assured to have the right products when you need them.

Perfect for use in the field at mobile units, trailers, cribs, and more, our system speeds the ordering process while reducing human errors and stocks outs, and can be easily customized to suit your needs. Any time, day or night, you can place orders, track, and replenish your inventory electronically – all with just a few quick clicks.

Using the ruggedized hand-held device, you can scan bins, items, and even delivery documents and enter the quantities you need. You can also scan certain bar code types on employee badges. Simply dock the device to automatically send your replenishment request to Summit for fulfillment.

OnSite Inventory Solution Process
OnSite Inventory Solution Process
Summit OnSite Inventory Solution Literature