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MRO professionals will gain efficiency and cut costs with Summit's integrated supply capabilities, known as MRO Depot®. This program ensures critical supplies for maintenance, repair and operations of facilities.

MRO® Literature

With Summit's MRO support, you will

  • Eliminate costly downtime when critical supplies run out
  • Reduce waste
  • Eliminate excess storage and handling costs caused by overstocking supplies
  • Leverage supply purchases to get volume discounts
  • Reduce "hidden" costs like expedited delivery freight charges

Reliable Inventory Levels
Summit stocks the names you trust in quantities that make us your hassle-free supplier. Internally, we leverage advanced forecasting and inventory management tools to ensure items required are available when and where they are needed. Our system inspects all items throughout each day to identify shortages. We maintain safety stocks to guard against stock outages.

The depth and breadth of our inventory helps ensure uninterrupted operations at your facilities.

In fact, each of your facilities can be set up as a separate “ship-to” location, with its own materials reorder points and forecasting parameters so that location’s needs are seen separately from any other, if desired.
The system also analyzes the number of turns per item and shows slow moving or dead stock. This allows for real-time monitoring of stock requirements for each location.

The system provides you with optimal transparency and control over materials by location.

Advanced Inventory Management

In addition to punch-out options for procurement, Summit offers an easy-to-use Web portal that connects customers to our inventory management and logistic systems.

The portal “MySummit®” allows for monitoring inventory levels and viewing real-time availability of materials assigned to individual facilities. Managers can review the subtotals of quantity and purchase value by material or manufacturer.

With MySummit®, you can − 

  • View real-time inventory quantities on hand
  • Analyze purchase history and material usage
  • Do personalized queries and result layouts
  • Download results to Excel or PDF files

Advanced Analytics
Several types of queries in MySummit® allow you to track and monitor purchases by job, purchase order or manufacturer. Tracking can be done by day, week, month or quarter.“Top N” queries allow you to view the top most purchased materials, by quantity or value, over a period of time. Then choose from dozens of graph types to report purchase and usage results, or export to Excel.

Online Account Services
Summit’s online account services help reduce paperwork and increase back-office efficiency. The services allow managers to access quotations, order history, invoices, and credit memos related to your accounts. Orders and invoices include proof of delivery information, with quick links to delivery details.  Search by document type, date range or P.O. number; download and print documents easily. 

Trust your industrial MRO needs to a proven supplier. Summit provides the technical capabilities and quality products you need to keep your facilities running on schedule, and on budget.

  • Simplify your procurement process with our punch-out catalog options.
  • Gain greater transparency and control in materials usage with MySummit® advanced inventory management portal. 
  • Reduce paperwork and increase efficiency with our online account services.

Call 800-998-7800 today to find out how our MRO solutions can help you gain efficiency while you cut costs!