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Inventory Management

Summit stocks the names you trust, in quantities that make us your hassle-free supplier. Our inventory levels are based on customer demand, not on complicated financial formulas. That means each service center has the flexibility to stock even hard-to-find items in order to maintain superior customer service.

We stock hundreds of product categories from the industry's leading manufacturers, giving us the breadth of inventory that's sure to meet your needs.

Summit can access manufacturers' inventory for stock checks, back-order status, substitute items, technical help and direct ordering - increasing accuracy and response time.

Literature on Inventory Management

Inventory Control Reporting

Summit uses internationally recognized SAP as its enterprise resource planning system. SAP supports strategic inventory management across multiple locations and provides key data reporting, including:

  • Purchase order and reorder reporting
  • Minimum/Maximum quantity analysis
  • Non-stock items sold
  • Inventory status reporting
  • Out of stock reporting

See additional system capabilities.

Inventory Safeguards and Contingency Plans

Summit has contingency plans in effect for a number of different adverse situations in order to safeguard inventory.

  • Stock-Out: Material can be located and purchased from another Summit service center, the manufacturer's warehouse or a distributor's warehouse in various parts of the country.
  • Natural Disaster: Depending upon the scope and scale, Summit associates can be called in immediately to put salvage or damage control operations into action. In the event computer capacity was lost, back-up tapes would be brought in from the off-site storage area and a telephone link established to provide for prompt reopening of the Summit service center.
  • Manufacturer Strike: Because few strikes occur without some warning, Summit can begin ordering larger than usual quantities when strike rumors are showing any signs of being realized. Normally, manufacturers do a good job of pre-warning distributors.

Just-in-Time Service Contracts

Summit recognized the value of just-in-time contracting long ago. We have been actively involved in servicing these contracts since 1983, and received national recognition for our just-in-time activities in 1987.

The just-in-time concept has been ingrained into every functional area of our business. We have refined our systems and procedures to the point that we believe few distributors can match our ability to service a just-in-time contract.

Summit's just-in-time service contract means you can reduce or even eliminate your inventory expenses. How?

In return for allowing Summit to be the sole provider of your supply list, we will stock your most requested items. Your orders will be filled and delivered within 24 hours.