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Custom Order Fields

Customers can request custom fields to be required and captured for each sales order. Examples are employee number, badge number, building number or any other information which your company requires for invoice processing.

Once these custom order fields are set-up, Summit associates are required to input the information on every order. These custom fields print on the invoice so your accounting team has the information they need to process for payment.

Customer Part Numbers

Summit can load your internal part number into our SAP system and cross reference it to Summit's part number for the same item. All sales documents including quotations, delivery documents and invoices will include your part number, along with manufacturer part number, and extended description. This will increase efficiency and reduce errors when ordering material, receiving shipments and reconciling Summit invoices.

Bar Coding

Summit can also print bar-coded, item labels for all customer part numbers. This can be useful to manage a shop or consignment location. Your copy of delivery receipts, as well as packing labels, can also be bar-coded with your purchase order number.