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Summit’s Advanced Managed Project Services (AMPS) is a comprehensive menu of supply services that can be customized for individual projects, ensuring the greatest efficiency at the lowest overall cost.

With AMPS, we’ve deliberately simplified materials management while including the critical functions required to provide superior supply chain efficiency for large industrial or commercial projects.

Summit has effectively used AMPS for both domestic and international projects that require an on-site, supplier managed inventory system that keeps surplus and waste to a minimum. AMPS is designed for on-site materials management, whether the storage location is a manned (or unmanned) job trailer, a separate Summit-managed warehouse leased for the project, or a cage area in a customer’s warehouse that Summit manages.

AMPS encompasses materials sourcing and procurement, competitive project quotations, delivery logistics, real-time inventory tracking, inventory contingency planning, online transaction tracking and customized reporting based on customer requirements.

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