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Utility Power Plant

Utility Providers Require Proven Products and Reliable Service

Utility providers know others are counting on them - they can't afford delays from equipment failures or supply problems.

Power plants, water and wastewater facilities, as well as other utilities benefit from Summit's quality products, depth of inventory and service excellence.

Summit provides reliable automation and electrical products, and offers inventory management solutions for our utility clients.

Our inventory levels are based on customer demand, not on complicated financial formulas. That means our service centers can stock your hard-to-find items, or items you specifically need that we may not normally carry.

Our system capabilities, including through EDI and SAP, mean accurate invoicing, order tracking and customized reporting to meet your needs and lower your transactional costs.

Strong relationships with leading manufacturers like Thomas & Betts, Eaton, Hubbell, Sylvania and others mean Summit can negotiate the best overall value for our clients.

Job-site delivery and 24/7 emergency service are standard services at every Summit location.

Benefit from Summit's experienced associates in sales, project quotations, and logistics.

Call 800-998-7800 today for a competitive quote.