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Petrochemical Products and Supplies

Petrochemical Facilities Require a Proven Supplier.

Summit Electric Supply offers electrical products and equipment for the maintenance, repair and operations of petrochemical facilities both in the Gulf of Mexico region and in the Persian Gulf region through our sales office in Dubai, UAE.

Summit has the systems, technology and experience necessary to streamline your procurement process, dramatically reducing your total maintenance, repair and operating costs.

Our inventory management solutions provide a steady, reliable supply of materials to make sure your plant stays up and running efficiently.

Our system capabilities, including through EDI and SAP, mean accurate invoicing, order tracking and customized reporting to meet your needs and lower your transactional costs.

With Summit's MRO support, you will:

  • Eliminate costly downtime when critical supplies run out
  • Reduce waste
  • Eliminate excess storage and handling costs caused by overstocking supplies
  • Leverage supply purchases to get volume discounts
  • Reduce "hidden" costs like expedited delivery freight charges

You will get the support you need from a Summit team that is knowledgeable, resourceful and dependable. And every service center offers 24/7 emergency service.

When you need quality products from a proven supplier, leave nothing to chance - choose Summit Electric Supply.

We have the products, systems, and experience to help keep your operations running on schedule - and on budget - anywhere in the world.