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When your projects face the most hazardous environments, you need high-quality products from a proven supplier. Leave nothing to chance – choose Summit.

With reliable products from name brand manufacturers, leading edge systems, and trusted experience, Summit can help get your projects done on schedule, and on budget, anywhere in the world.

Our clients include industrial contractors serving companies involved in both land-based and offshore oil and gas exploration, production, and transport from Farmington, New Mexico, southeast to the Gulf of Mexico, and across the globe to Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

  • Oil and gas exploration companies, including onshore and offshore drilling operations
  • Original equipment manufacturers of oil and gas production equipment
  • Pipelines and compressor/pumping station operators
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical factories
  • Chemical companies

We stock a full-line of explosion-proof equipment and other safety-related electrical products that meet a variety of U.S. and international standards.

Our knowledgeable associates can recommend and assemble product kits to streamline your projects and provide the best overall value for electrical materials needed in the construction, maintenance, or repair of your onshore and offshore rigs, platforms, and vessels. And even if you need a unique solution, Summit’s associates can have equipment customized to your specifications.

Other relevant services include job-site delivery24/7 emergency service, and inventory management solutions.