Looking for an internship? Don't get stuck in a warehouse all summer!

Summit offers a paid 13-week training plan that makes sure you get to see all aspects of how a successful distributor operates.

Here's what you can expect:

Weeks 1-3: Warehouse training that includes all the basics of logistics, like shipping, receiving, stocking, filling orders to meet delivery schedules, and supporting counter sales staff.

Weeks 4-11: Counter sales training where you'll use all the product knowledge learned in the warehouse to deal directly with customers, face to face.

Week 12: Work inside sales as a customer service representative and/or shadow project quotations people for a day; shadow an outsides sales person on sales calls.

Week 13: Make sales calls with outside sales; spend a day in purchasing and with an operations manager; shadow a service center leader for a day.

You'll have mentors each step of the way, plus you'll have weekly meetings with service center leaders or operations managers to track your progress.

At the end, we'll ask for your input on how we can improve the program.

Get out of the classroom and experience the real world of electrical distribution with an industry leader.

Email for more information.