EPEC - The Electrical Products Education Course

The Electrical Products Education Course, known as EPEC, has been a mainstay of electrical industry training for more than two decades. Successful completion of EPEC represents a standard of professional competence.

This self-study course, designed and administered by the National Association of Electrical Distributors, covers the vast array of products stocked and sold by electrical distributors.

Summit is a strong supporter of the program because EPEC greatly increases our associates' knowledge and ability to provide quick, accurate product solutions for our customers.

The three-tiered course incorporates product knowledge with real-world project applications. Students can work through Bronze, Silver or Gold levels of training. Independent reviewers evaluate students' work. Completion is based on demonstrated mastery of course content.

Summit has the highest percentage of EPEC Gold graduates among its associates than any other distributor in the nation.

It typically takes two years to complete this program. Successfully passing all three levels of the course is considered to be equivalent to about 10 years of industry experience.

Visit the EPEC Web site to learn more.