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Weidmuller Product Safety Advisory: Potential Anomaly with WPE 2.5 / WPE 4 Screw Clamp Grounding Terminal Blocks

Weidmuller has issued a Product Safety Advisory to inform you of a potential anomaly that exists with Weidmuller WPE 2.5 – 1010000000 and WPE 4 - 1010100000 Screw Clamp Grounding Terminal Blocks.

In some cases, the grounding terminal block may not provide a secure grounding connection to the DIN rail. This may cause an open circuit between the terminal block and the DIN rail. Wires or cables attached to the terminal block may not be grounded, leaving parts of the device energized. This may create a shock hazard due to the possibility of improper grounding.

For more information:  Weidmuller's Product Safety Advisory on WPE 2.5 / WPE 4.