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Schneider Electric E-Stop 30mm 9001SKR16

E-Stop 30mm 9001SKR16Schneider Electric has become aware of a manufacturing non-conformance involving the Plastic E-Stop 30mm 9001SKR16** units which may impact the use of the product. The metallic range 9001KR16** is NOT affected by this issue. Do not take any action involving the metallic range.

Our internal analysis indicates if the torque (5-8 / 0.6-0.9 Nm) on the screws of the adaptor/base or contact/adaptor in the Instruction Sheet is applied, these screws will be stripped and lead to a separation of the contact from the operator which is not detectable by the user.

This issue is due to a manufacturing non-conformance within our manufacturing process. The risk of occurrence depends on the ability and/or responsibility of the operator. Should this occur a risk of personal injury and property damage exists.

We request the stop of all sales of the affected products immediately and follow the instructions in this letter.

**This Product Safety Notice applies only to the Plastic 9001SKR16 devices identified in Exhibit 1. Products not listed are not affected by this notice.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause you and your customers. Should you have any questions about the returns process, please contact your local Schneider Electric office.

 Schneider Product Safety Notice E-Stop 30 MM 9001SKR16