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Healthcare Lighting Recalls Undercabinet Fixtures

huc-image-explanations-(2014-aug-13)-ver3Healthcare Lighting has voluntarily recalled undercabinet fixtures supplied between June 2004 and February 2014. The affected fixture models include Spectra SF LED (HUC500), Spectra SF (HUC200), Quark OF (HUC100), Teron OF (HUC300), and Teron SF (HUC400) – and ONLY those sold with the Linking Connector (LX) option. The HUC500 recall applies ONLY to the model featuring the S1 switch option.

Fixtures with the Linking Connector (LX) option have an exposed connector that poses a potential shock hazard. Fixtures with the S1 switch option have an enlarged gap that unintentionally provides access to a live circuit.

Visit Healthcare Lighting's "HUC Replacement Information" page for a detailed list of the affected undercabinet fixtures or call (855) 868-6980, ext. 3555 for more information.