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Eaton Recalls 30A General Duty 2 and 3 Pole Safety Switches

Non-conforming lugs may be present in Eaton manufactured 30A General Duty Safety Switches between 5/3/2016 and 7/19/2016. The non-conformity could result in death, serious personal injury or property damage, and Eaton has issued a product safety recall.

The catalog numbers affected begin with the following sequences, and can be found at the top right of the shipping label and adjacent to the Eaton logo inside the unit:

  • CDG221
  • CDG321
  • DG221
  • DG321
  • RGFN221
  • RGFN321
  • GFN321

If there is an "S" adjacent to the catalog number on the shipping label, or the switch has a line drawn under the handle sleeve, then the product is conforming and does not need to be returned or repaired.

 See Eaton's Safety Bulletin for detailed instructions. Field repair kits are available or affected units can be returned and exchanged.