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Acme Electric Product Safety Advisory for Single Phase General Purpose and Buck Boost Transformers

Acme Electric has issued a product advisory notice for its single phase general purpose and buck boost transformers in sizes ranging from 0.25 kVA to 2 kVA. The mounting brackets on some transformers have come loose either during or shortly after installation, resulting from a quality issue with the weld between the mounting bracket and the metal enclosure.

Depending on how the transformer is installed or being installed at the time of failure, such a failure could cause personal injury and/or property damage.

Inspect the date code on each transformer, which is printed on a small silver sticker located on the original shipping box and on the outside of the metal enclosure. If the date falls between EIA-413-1224 (week 24 of 2012) and EIA-413-1303 (week 3 of 2013), and you suspect that the transformer is not mounted securely, has a loose mounting bracket, or poses a risk of falling, contact the Acme Customer Service Team at 1-877-201-2445 to request a free replacement bracket.

The free replacement bracket has been designed to fit over the existing transformer and can be installed by simply loosening the transformer from its mounted position.

If the transformer is securely mounted and/or not mounted using the welded-on rear mounting bracket, or if the date code does not fall between the aforementioned date code ranges, then no further action is necessary.

For more information and the list of recalled transformers:
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