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"Teach" Sensors New Tricks; Decentralize Automation

Schneider Electric Photoelectric Sensor Has "Teach" Button
Schneider Electric's XUBL thru-beam photoelectric sensor simplifies detection in long range and short range applications. The XUBL offers instant adjustment by using the teach button. Press the teach button once and a visible red beam enables simple alignment and environment adjustment, a second press of the "teach" button registers the sensor for precise detection of an object up to 1 meter.

The XUBL was originally designed and used for long-range detection in the material handling sector, however, it also offers precise object and position detection in short range environments such as material handling, packaging, and assembly.

The laser precision avoids beam saturation when detecting at close range and it can be fine tuned between 0.05 mm (0.001 in) and 0.2 mm (0.007 in).
The XUBL is ideal for use in:
• Material Handling the access gain allows for use in dusty environment
• Packaging laser precision allows for exact positioning of objects
• Assembly short range capabilities and laser positioning allows for exact positioning of objects.

This robust ultrasonic label sensor is backed by the experience and expertise that can only be offered by Schneider Electrics Sensor Competency Center, the single integrated resource for all sensors and sensor-related issues.
Integrated Drives: Decentralize Automation Solutions
Everything required to implement a decentralized automation solution is integrated into a single motion control package with Schneider Electric's Lexium Integrated Drives. The first compact drive to offer industrial Ethernet and the integration of motor and electronics in a single device in the power class of up to 350W, the Lexium Integrated Drive reduces installation cost and simplifies the Electro-Magnetic Compatibility. Each package includes a motor, position controller, power stage, field bus and safety functions.

The Lexium Integrated Drives are available for a wide range of applications, feature a compact design, include integrated safety functionality (IEC/EN 61800-5-2) and have a versatile offer with three motor technologies, including: AC synchronous servo motor, Brushless DC motor, Stepper motor. Additionally, Lexium Integrated Drives utilize important field bus interfaces such as PROFIBUS DP, CANopen, DeviceNet and RS485.

Its also comes available with EtherCAT, Ethernet Powerlink and Modbus -TCP synchronous operating modes for multi-axis applications, electronic gearing, electronic cam profile, cross cutting or flying. Industrial Ethernet enables communication from the field bus level to corporate networks up to the Internet in a single network allowing for easy integration into existing system environment.

Source: Schneider Electric