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Schneider Electric Announces New Modbus

Schneider Electric's Modicon M340 adds Modbus Bus Plus Proxy Module
The new din-rail mountable Modbus Bus Plus Proxy module for the Modicon M340 PLC complements Modicon Compact 984 PLCs Modbus Plus network. It gives enhanced power, flexibility while at the same time, allowing users to:

  • Utilize the M340 and Unity Pro software without disturbing an existing Modbus Plus network or the hardware connected to it.
  • Upgrade to the M340 PLC in stages to simplify the change over, spread out the cost and address critical system requirements immediately.
  • Reduce maintenance costs by upgrading technology to a new, more powerful PLC.

For more information on the benefits of utilizing the Modicon M340 Modbus Bus Plus Proxy Module with your Compact 984 equipment, contact Summit Electric Supply.

Source: Schneider Electric online newsletter, June