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The Milwaukee® M12 ROVER™ LED Flood Light

The Milwaukee® M12 ROVER™ LED Flood LightMilwaukee Tool expands their Lighting Solutions with the introduction of the M12 ROVER™ LED Flood Light. Designed for the trades that are constantly on the move, the new light is a replacement for 250w halogen and portable enough to take anywhere and versatile enough to hang everywhere.


  • As bright as a 250w halogen
  • Multiple hanging features: 2 powerful magnets, spring loaded clamp, key hole hanger, wire hanger
  • 3 output modes for optimal brightness and runtime.
  • High Definition output with true color, even beam and natural light
  • Low Battery indicator alerts users when the battery is nearing end of charge
  • Impact Resistant, withstands 9' drop
  • Limited Lifetime LED warranty