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NEW from Arlington Solar Photovoltaic Connectors

NEW from Arlington Solar Photovoltaic ConnectorsArlington’s new Cord Grips are ideal for solar and many other jobs that require the connection of multiple cables into raceways, fittings, and combiner or junction boxes. They offer a unique cord-gripping action to separate and hold cables securely in place. The internal grommet squeezes down on the cables as the nut is tight.

  • Sizes/Capacity:
    - 3/4” (NMPV75) holds up to 5 PV or USE-2 cables
    - 1" (NMPV100) holds 1-9 cables
    - 1-1/4" (NMPV125) holds 1-13 cables
  • For cables from .225 to .255 - idea for #10 PV cables
  • UV rated for reliable outdoor use

 Arlington Solar Connectors - Spec Sheet