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New by Arlington Wire Grabber™ and Kits

wire-grabberWire Grabber™ saves time and costs much less than the competitive products. Perfect for dry or wet locations, Wire Grabber’s hold on braided wire is unaffected by oil or grease. It holds an angular load as well as any other static load up to 100 lbs, including high bay light fixtures. There’s no internal spring. Tightening the screw engages six points of contact to firmly grip the braided wire.

Arlington's new kits are available in multiple styles and lengths to ensure the right match for your next project. Use the FLG3 for reliable drop-handing support, or choose from a variety of Wire Grabber™ Kits - available in 5’ to 30’ lengths, with loop, toggle, or hook ends.

Arlington's Wire Grabber Spec Sheet