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Klein Tools Extra-Wide Jaw 8'' Adjustable Wrench

The Klein Tools Adjustable Wrenches are now even better! Improved features like an etched inch/metric measurement scale and a nonprotruding jaw shank make these wrenches more effifi cient, especially in tight spaces. A unique 4-threaded knurl worm gear helps balance these wrenches for smoother operation and allows the user to apply up to 30% more force.

Product Features

  • 1-1/2'' jaw has the same capacity as a standard 12'' wrench.
  • Standard and metric sizes marked for faster adjustment.
  • Unique design minimizes protruding jaw shank for greater capacity in tight spaces.
  • Wide handle for comfortable use.
  • Manufactured for superior strength and durability.

 Klein Tools Extra-Wide Jaw Adjustable Wrench Spec Sheet