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Introducing Southwire's SIMpull™ Flange

The SIMpull™ Flange’s shaftless design, safely (on flat level floors) allows one person to turn a wooden reel up to 34 in. and 2000 lbs. into a time saving, field-installable solution that removes the need to handle heavy jack stands. Each flange rotates independently, and allows free movement of loaded wooden reels. The SIMpull™ Flange is reusable in the field and can be installed on multiple reels throughout the jobsite.


  • Independently rotating flanges
  • Allows inner wooden reel to rotate freely
  • Shaftless design
  • Compatible with wooden reels up to 34 in.and 2000 lbs.
  • 50 pound tare weight per Flange
  • Integral magnetic flange chocks
    Will fit through 36 in. wide doorways when used with a
    32 in. or smaller reel
  • Compatible with commercial & residential SIMpull®
    building wire products, parallels/stacks, portable cord,
    MV, and metal-clad cable

 Southwire SIMpull Flange Spec Sheet