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Greenlee Introduces the New 881-Mobile Bending Table

This newest bending innovation improves operator productivity on an evolving jobsite

Greenlee of Textron Inc. recently launched a newly designed 881-Mobile Bending Table (MBT) for commercial and industrial electricians. With its one time set up, this new product can save 60 minutes for every move on an evolving jobsite.

The 881-MBT is an all-in-one solution which is easy to set up, stores all components for the 881 Bender, and can navigate around the jobsite with ease.

The 881-MBT also features a compact design which bends up to 4-inch of rigid conduit and 10-feet in length. It also fits comfortably through a standard 36” wide doorway. With pins to secure and lock all bots, the unit makes it faster, safer and easier to operate.

 Greenlee 881MBT Brochure