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FLIR Announces Thermal Imaging Digital Multimeter

flir-thermal-imaging-digital-multimeterFLIR introduces an all-in-one digital multimeter equipped with a built-in thermal imager powered by FLIR's Lepton(R) thermal micro-camera core. The FLIR DM284 is the newest test and measurement instrument to feature FLIR's Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology that helps guide professionals to potential problems by clearly visualizing temperature differences.


  • IGM™ - A built-in 160x120-resolution thermal camera sensor visually guides you to an electrical problem
  • Design and Functionality - Intuitive user interface, large display screen, onboard laser pointer, LED worklights
  • Performs 18 measurement functions including True RMS, VFD mode, LoZ, NCV, and more
  • Durable - Drop-tested and IP rated for splash and water resistance
  • The DM284 includes high-quality test probes and a Type K thermocouple input
  • Warranty - Includes 10-year warranty