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FireBlok Fire Suppression Gaskets

The FireBlok™ Gasket insert is a patented intumescent thermoplastic pad for use as a fire stop in electrical boxes. It is easily installed inside the back of an electrical box. The FireBlok™ Gasket expands 20+ times its size when exposed to high temperatures or fire and will seal off the opening to prevent the spread of flames.

FireBlok™ Gaskets are designed to fit easily into electrical boxes. A pre-die cut punch out will insure a required metal to metal ground and an adhesive strip on the pad will hold the pad in place in the back of the electrical box.

Summit Electric Supply is the exclusive authorized distributor for Fireblok in Texas and New Mexico.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can use any Faceplate "Certified for both plastic & metal faceplates"
  • Easy to install "Peel and stick"
  • One Step Installation "Saves time, saves labor"
  • Cost Effective "One step, before or after wall closed for new construction or retrofit"
  • Die-Cut Ground Screw Holes "No hand cutting or punching needed"
  • Adhesive Strip "Peel and stick to back of box"
  • Highly Intumescent "Expands 20+ times its size"
  • Non-Conductive "Safe in electrical boxes"

 Product Data Sheet for FireBlok May 2012