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Eaton Introduces the Next Generation Curved WaveStream LED and LuxWire Technologies

Eaton announced the launch of the Neo-Ray Covera and Converge architectural suspended product families featuring its new next generation curved WaveStream light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Combining a contemporary and minimalist design with advanced optical performance and connected lighting capabilities, the two pendant families also introduce Eaton’s LuxWire technology, allowing the luminaires to suspend effortlessly in space without large, unsightly power cables.

Eaton’s patented WaveStream LED technology features laser-precise AccuAim optics arranged in exacting patterns to provide unparalleled brightness control, while delivering optimal distributions tailored to each fixture and application.

The advanced LuxWire technology delivers low-voltage power to the luminaires through the same aircraft cables from which it’s suspended, allowing drivers and bulky power cords to be placed above the ceiling.

 Eaton Converge Brochure

 Neo-Ray Eaton Brochure