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Cooper Lighting Launches Sure-Lites PathLinx LED Emergency Lighting Line

Cooper Lighting Sure-Lites PathLinx BrochureCooper Lighting Sure-Lites PathLinx BrochureCooper Lighting Sure-Lites PathLinx BrochureCooper Lighting is pleased to announce the launch of its Sure-Lites PathLinx emergency lighting line, offering features to reduce egress system costs. Petite in size but powerful in performance, the new LED series includes sleek, interior, emergency lighting units with indoor and outdoor single- and double-head remote choices for egress lighting in commercial spaces.

Aesthetically pleasing with a compact and thin profile design (two-inch depth), the LED emergency lighting line utilizes Cooper Lighting’s patented AccuLED Optics™ system, resulting in expanded remote capability of up to four remote LED heads, reducing the overall cost of emergency lighting. When comparing a dual-head LED remote emergency light versus a standard dual-head emergency light with a battery pack, cost can be up to 60 percent less for the remote. In addition, the PathLinx series’ LED optics consume under 2 watts (.52 watts to 1.96 watts, depending on the model) while exceeding the lumen output of the traditional 5.4-watt incandescent heads. The lower power consumption results in expanded remote capability.

The advanced LED optical design also offers maximum spacings of up to 50 percent greater than traditional incandescent emergency lighting fixtures (approximately 90 feet), reducing the number and overall cost of emergency lighting fixtures. The precision engineered optics display sharp cutoff and an elliptical light pattern that provides even light distribution for a clear path of egress. The optics can also rotate a full 360-degrees, while a patent-pending lens swivel feature allows 348-degree rotation with 104-degree tilt. This provides optimal flexibility and precise control of the light patterns on floor, as well as the option for forward-throw of the lighting.

The Sure-Lites PathLinx series has additional advanced features allowing installers to reduce the cost of labor and materials including patent-pending RJ45 connectors. This EZ Click Ethernet connection feature, combined with the UL Type-2 low voltage rating, allows remote units to connect to the base emergency light without the requirement of conduit or a junction box, saving up to five times the cost of labor and materials. The patent-pending EZ Key external power disconnect technology allows installers to externally control the battery connection, which is better than line-latching and allows installers to choose when the battery is connected to avoid battery damage during the construction cycle. Additional, the hands-free EZ Hang feature allows the installer to hang the emergency light face from the back plate in order to easily and efficiently make the power connections.

The PathLinx units are backed by a five-year warranty and meet the UL924 standards for egress lighting.

 Cooper Lighting Sure-Lites PathLinx Brochure