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Cooper Lighting Expands its LED Outdoor Area/Site/Roadway Offering

Cooper Lighting has introduced the addition of the Navion™ LED luminaire to its line of Lumark LED outdoor area, site and roadway lighting products. Featuring Cooper Lighting’s patented AccuLED Optics™ system, the Navion luminaire’s unique application-specific design allows lumen output and energy consumption to be customized to fulfill the exact lighting needs of the area, eliminating uplight, glare, obtrusive spill light and overlit hot spots, while saving up to 70 percent in energy costs.

Designed to meet a wide range of outdoor lighting needs from single-fixture applications to large area spaces, the Navion luminaire’s superior optical performance and configurability provides efficient, uniform illumination along roadways and in parking lots of office buildings, shopping centers, schools, hospitals and airports, among others. With efficiencies as high as 95 percent, the Navion luminaire is ideal for both new construction projects or to retrofit inefficient fixtures, providing from 30 to 70 percent energy savings when compared to typical H.I.D. luminaires. Lasting 60,000 hours at 90 percent lumen maintenance (over 16 years at 10 hours daily use), the LED fixture offers a long life for maximum savings in maintenance costs.

 Navion LED Brochure