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Arlington's New Nail-On, Flanged Vapor Box for Devices

Arlington's new non-conductive Vapor Box nails to a stud in new construction. This easy to install box has gaskets that form a protective barrier to prevent air infiltration inside and meet international Conservation Codes (IECC) and other codes where required. For added convenience, the nails ship captive and the installed NM connectors and flange have the gasket material attached—no assembly required! The gasketed flange is positioned so there is very little, if any, bulge around the box.


  • 22.8 cu. in. non-metallic box for single 1/2" or 5/8" drywall
  • UL Listed
  • UV Rated
  • 2-Hour Fire Rating

 Arlington Nail-On Flanged Vapor Box Brochure