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Arlington's New Fan/Fixture Mounting Boxes

ArlingtonMountingBoxArlington’s new fan/fixture Mounting Boxes are the quick, easy way to mount a fan or fixture on a cathedral or sloped ceiling. Both have installed steel mounting brackets that save time and money in new construction installations. For added convenience, the bracket is pre-drilled for screws and the ends are angled for easy fitting.


  • Easy, secure installation
  • No loose parts. Captive fan/fixture bracket installation screws. Installed NM cable connector and steel mounting bracket
  • 14.5 cubic inch box with 8” square mounting surface handles large fan canopies
  • Paintable, textured finish
  • UL ratings: 70 lb fan; 200 lb fixture
  • CSA rating: 50 lb fan or fixture
  • UL/CSA Listed

 Arlington Mounting Box Brochure