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New Fluke Products

Entry Level Electrical Kit
The Fluke-62 mini infrared thermometer teamed with the full-featured T+Pro voltage tester and easy-to-use 1AC-II non-contact voltage detector makes up Fluke's entry level electrical kit. The kit includes a lightweight soft case for protection and accessory storage.

RLD2 Refrigerant Leak Detector Flashlight
This compact flashlight uncovers refrigerant leaks using UV light to find the leakage area. Use the laser pointer to pinpoint the exact leak.
The flashlight includes six UV LEDS that detect leak detection dyes; three LED flashlight with 10,000 hours of life; four operating modes.

80PK-10 Pipe Clamp Thermocouple Probe
Type K, extra large thermocouple clamps securely to pipes for faster temperature and superheat measurement. The pipe clamp includes durable ribbon sensor, 1 m (39 in) lead and fits pipe diameters 32 mm to 64 mm (1.25 in to 2.5 in).

Fused Test Probes
Fluke's test probes have built-in fuses for additional measurement protection. If the probe fuse does blow, these fused test probes will still allow the meter to indicate live voltage, preventing misreading a "no power" indication.
The new modular fused test probes can mount onto any Fluke modular lead format. Rated to CAT III 1000 V, these probes also have sheathed tips for additional safety.

Source: Fluke Corp.