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Juno Cylindra LED Track Lighting

T251LED CutawayCylindra has advanced the art and science of track lighting to a whole new level. Incorporating the latest in LED technologies, Cylindra represents the leading-edge in commercial illumination. The 22-watt Cylindra produces illumination approximating 75-watt PAR30 halogen; the 15-watt model approximates 50-watt MR16 halogen. Both fixtures provide brilliant illumination while reducing energy consumption by about 30%.

 Juno Cylindra LED Brochure

Juno Cylindra LED Track Lighting Fixtures Black Juno Cylindra T253LED Series LED Narrow FloodSilver Juno Cylindra T251LED Series LED SpotWhite Juno Cylindra T251LED Series LED Flood

Source: Reprint with permission.