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Wiremold Data-Fense Secure Raceway System

Wiremold Data-FenseThe Data-Fense Secure Raceway System protects against attacks to your high assurance network. The base and cover lock together and all components are permanently connected. There's only one way to access the system - through pull boxes, or access points, that are secured by GSA-approved, hardened padlocks that meet the Department of Defense Lock Program Standards. Data-Fense Secure Raceway is a modular, scalable hardened carrier Protective Distribution System (PDS) that will protect your network through multiple classification areas.


  • Structurally locking base and cover design. Superior protection against overt, covert, and surreptitious attacks. Eliminates the need for distributed locking mechanisms.
  • Seams located on the front of the raceway. Improves visual detection of attempts to penetrate the raceway along the base or cover. Speeds system inspections.
  • Mounting brackets offset raceway from wall. Provides full 360° visual inspection of the raceway system and speeds system inspections.
  • Limited access. Only access points to the system are through cable pull boxes or access enclosures that are secured by GSA approved hardened padlocks.
  • Fittings overlap. Raceway covers slide onto base assemblies and overlap the “male-ended” fittings providing additional protection at every seam.
  • Universal fittings. 2X2 and 1X1 Raceways have universal tee and elbow fittings reducing the number of components needed and speeding installation time.
  • Feeder channels. In addition to the 4 3/4" x 1 3/4" [121mm x 44mm] raceway, Data-Fense Secure Raceway System also includes two sizes of feeder channels with a full selection of fittings that provide a higher level of systemwide protection, are easier to inspect, and are more aesthetically pleasing than conduit.
  • 2" [51mm] bend radius. All systems retaining 2" [51mm] bend radius compliance for use with multiple cable types.
  • Aesthetically pleasing. Stocked color is fog white. Custom colors for Data-Fense Secure Raceway System match the colors offered for 4000 Series Raceway.
  • Durable and Secure. Raceway, channels, fittings and enclosures of the Data-Fense Secure Raceway System are constructed of durable heavy gauge steel that meets hardened carrier Protection Distribution System (PDS) guidelines for use in protective pathways for critical data networks.
  • Factory-welded raceway adapters. Enclosures have factory-welded raceway adapters which provide more security and speeds inspection time by eliminating the need to open enclosures for inspections.


 Data-Fense Secure Raceway Systems Brochure
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