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Cooper Lighting Introduces New Ceramic Halide Lampholders

Cooper Lighting Ceramic Metal Halide LampholdersHalo has added a new category of ceramic metal halide track lampholders to its popular Stasis line of incandescent and low voltage lampholders. Providing significant energy savings when compared to halogen sources, the new 505 Series offers longer lamp life, as well as one of the smallest MR16 CMH lampholders on the market. Available in Accent and Wall Wash models, the lampholders accept 20W MR16, 39W and 70W PAR30 or T6 CMH lamps. The series' understated clean lines blend effortlessly in accent and display applications, and those where performance is required from a discreet source.

For use with multiple Halo track systems, the Stasis 505's innovative features include a die-cast and extruded aluminum ballast housing that remains aligned with the track rather than rotating with the lamp shade when aiming, providing a clean and uncluttered look. Tilt and rotation can be locked in place with inconspicuous allen set screws. A discreet locking tab secures the lampholder in the track, and an integral on-off switch matches the housing finish, adding to the sleek look. The adjustable beam T6 Accent lampholder features a silicone adjustment knob that allows the lampholder to be hot aimed to any desired beam angle from spot to flood. The desired beam can also be locked in place preserving the design intent of the highlighted space when re-lamping occurs.

The 20W MR16 CMH lampholder is as small as a low voltage lampholder and can replace a 50W MR16 halogen fixture achieving an energy savings as much as 60%. A 39W PAR30 CMH Stasis can replace a 90W PAR 38 halogen lampholder resulting in a 40% energy savings. A savings of 70% can be obtained when replacing a 250W T4 halogen lampholder with a 70W T6 CMH Stasis. Additionally, ceramic metal halide lamp life ratings range from 9,000 to 15,000 hours versus 3,000 to 6,000 hours for halogen sources, saving on labor time and cost.

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