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Cooper Lighting Introduces LED Decorative Outdoor Area Luminaire

Energy-efficient LED post top fixture offers uniform illumination without pixilationCooper Lighting has introduced an energy-saving outdoor fixture with a modular LED light engine designed to deliver illumination comparable to a 100W HID system while offering over 50% in energy savings. The light engine can also be purchased separately for retrofit applications of pre-existing Generation Series HID fixtures. Ideal for residential communities, office complexes, downtown streetscapes, roadways, outdoor retail applications, city parks and school campuses, the post top luminaire also features modular fixture design flexibility and maintenance ease.

The Generation LED luminaire provides light output and distribution control comparable to 100W HID luminaires. Producing 5000 lumens, the fixture provides excellent color rendering, a brilliant white color temperature and low glare. The superior optical design also yields effective distributions (Type III and Type V) focusing light on the task at hand instead of producing wasteful and uncontrolled illumination.

The Generation Bi-level Switching option provides a uniform 50% power reduction while closely maintaining critical-to-safety site lighting levels so visibility and security aren't compromised. And the Generation Series LED Luminaire incorporates a unique House Side/Street Side dimming option that allows independent operation of the house side and the street side of the distribution. This option reduces the light level on the house side of the fixture by roughly 40% and results in a further 50% savings in energy consumption when dimmed.

The McGraw-Edison Generation LED Series' modular design allows for mixing of bases, cage assemblies, tops and finials to achieve over 100 different looks and styles. For HID retrofit applications, the form and function of the product remains unchanged with the implementation of the LED technology.

Source: Cooper Lighting