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Cooper Lighting Introduces Arrowlinear Precision Asymmetric Products

Optical design provides energy-efficient uniform illumination with no stray light

Cooper Lighting has introduced the Ametrix Arrowlinear™ Series, a new line of asymmetric, linear fluorescent lighting products. Combining linear fluorescent lamp sources with an asymmetric optical design, the Arrowlinear offers efficient, uniform illumination to targeted surfaces with no stray light-which results in wasted energy. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, the energy-efficient fixtures are available in various mounting and configuration options offering energy-saving solutions for numerous applications wanting wall wash, indirect, canopy, sign, façade, perimeter and pathway lighting.Arrowlinear's patent-pending segmented optics use 95% specular aluminum, providing excellent peak candlepower, uniform distribution and wide lateral spacings. The fixtures feature the new Opti-Lock™ asymmetric reflector constructed from Alanod 2000GS anodized aluminum. The unique material, form and finish combination provides true asymmetric distribution, precise control, high fixture efficiencies and virtually no glare. The reflector design provides for tool-less removal for easy access to the ballast and to wire connections. Integral ballast, which eliminates remote ballast location issues and the need for unsightly auxiliary ballast enclosures, includes quick-disconnect to meet NEC and CEC code requirements by providing a safe, reliable means of disconnecting power to the fixture during service and maintenance.

The Arrowlinear is available with an optional impact-resistant, clear acrylic lens that will not discolor over time due to heat or UV exposure. Acrylic lens option includes continuous closed cell silicone gasket for a watertight seal (U.L. wet label listed) for outdoor application. For indoor applications, the lens seals out dust, insects and other contaminants that can diminish optical performance.

The fixtures are available in 2', 3', 4', 6', 8', and 12' lengths and can be mounted individually or in continuous rows in any horizontal mounting configuration. Mounting options include base, wall or ceiling mounting including 1-way, 2-way and 4-way pendants. The fixture's 3-3/8" x 6-1/2" petite size allows it to adapt to almost any space.

The Arrowlinear Series includes an extensive range of standard, value-added installation and service features including the PointGrab2™ lockable aiming system and Slide-N-Mount™ adjustable mounting arms. Providing an easy and intuitive way to aim individual or continuous fixture rows with accuracy and consistency, the PointGrab2 aiming system allows 180º vertical adjustment of the fixture in 5º increments. A stainless steel locking mechanism securely locks fixture in place. The Slide-N-Mount™ adjustable mounting arm assembly attaches to an integral, continuous track along the back of the fixture. If wall studs or a J-Box is misaligned, the Slide-N-Mount arms can be positioned and locked to the precise location needed, to insure proper alignment and secure mounting.

Energy-efficient lamp options include T5 (14W, 21W and 28W), T5 High Output (24W, 39W and 54W), T5 Very High Output (95W), T8 (17W, 25W and 32W) and T8 Very High Output (84W). Dimming options offer additional energy savings.

Source: Cooper Lighting