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Take a Cue from Rock Climbers

take-a-cue-from-rock-climbersRock climbing is a complex sport in which efficient movement is paramount. Part of climbing efficiently is a critical skill called route planning. Climbers look at the pattern of foot holds and hand holds and visualize exactly how they will use those holds. Done properly, it means not wasting limited energy to correct mistakes.

How much of your work is planned? How much is “I’ll figure it out when I get there?” Do you ever find yourself going around in circles? Forgetting steps?

Obviously, you can do planning in new construction (e.g., project schedules). If you’re making a service call, it might not seem like you can plan the work. But you can each component of the job. You don’t want your electricians trying to remember if there’s something they left out, need to do, etc. You want them doing the work methodically, performing all of the required steps in the correct sequence.

Here are some tools for facilitating that:

  • Pre-work inspection checklist. You want to eliminate the “Oh, I forgot to look for that” problem.
  • Standard work procedures for typical tasks. These need to match your training and vice versa.
  • Post-work inspection checklist. Find and fix mistakes while you’re still “geared up”.
  • Pre-energization procedure. Not blowing the place up is a nice gesture your customers will appreciate.

Customer walk-through checklist. Don’t leave the customer’s perceptions to chance.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection