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Overscheduling is Not the Answer

Overscheduling is Not the AnswerWhen trying to maximize revenue, don’t fall into the trap of accepting more work than you have people to do it. A common solution is to let field electricians endure the pressure and figure it out.

But they don’t figure it out. They just make more mistakes and the schedule slips anyhow. The good news is you don’t have to turn down that extra work, if you implement these tips:

  • Upgrade hand tools. It’s amazing how many more splices/day someone can make when their crimping tools have extra-long handles. Go with power crimpers, and you get even more productivity. Same thing for other hand tools; invest a little in new tools, save much job time.
  • Properly power the power tools. Power tools aren’t so great when the batteries die. Invest in spare chargers and batteries.
  • Do the work where it’s easiest to do. Wiring up a panel’s internals onsite typically takes far more time than doing so in a shop environment. In-shop, the job qualifications can be downgraded to free up qualified electricians for the field. Ask your electrical distributor about panel prefab (they may even do it).
  • Implement kitting whenever possible. This is similar to the last point, but on a smaller scale. Consider how much time your field electricians would save if, for example, a motor enclosure arrives on site with the motor starter and overloads already mounted to its backplane.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection