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New Tools Can Save Time on the Job

Following these tool tips can help you get more done in less time.

  • Use an electric screwdriver in addition to your power drill, rather than using the drill for both functions. The screwdriver is lighter and slightly easier to work with, plus you won’t need to change bits between drilling holes and driving screws. Some manufacturers ensure these tools use the same rechargeable battery, so purchase a matched set instead of a random pair.
  • Use a serious screwdriver bit set (one with dozens of bits and an indexed case). You will always have the right bit, instead of “making do” and dealing with stripped screw heads.
  • Use a serious drill bit set (one with the full range of sizes and an indexed case).
  • Examine your work light situation. When’s the last time you made an upgrade, here? The new portable LED work lights may amaze you. Look for features such as clamp-on mounting or swivel bases, depending on the kind of work you’re doing and where it is.
  • For many kinds of tasks, you can now find time-saving templates, jigs, and guides that make your work faster and more accurate. No more mounting a 2x4 box crooked (you’re using a guide) or cutting a jagged hole in the drywall (you’re using a template).
  • Where do you put your tools when on the typical construction job? In the gangbox. But if the project is outside or in an unheated space in the winter, how much time do crews waste dealing with cold tools, cold solvents, cold gaskets, cold lubricants, cold PPE, and so forth? A heated gangbox is the solution. Yes, these are available and no they don’t get too hot.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection