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How Do Your Employees Waste Time?

You might be surprised how much time your employees waste. Do you catch your employees “goofing off” in any of the following ways?

  • Waiting at the jobsite gate for security credentials. Worse is waiting at the wrong gate for someone to show up.
    Solution: Make the necessary security arrangements ahead of time.
  • Leaving the jobsite to go back to the shop for fresh batteries.
    Solution: Put someone in charge of a battery management program. Include on the mobilization checklist (you do have one, correct?) to check batteries before leaving.
  • Standing around waiting for drawings to print out.
    Solution: Rather than have field electricians search for and collect the necessary documentation, have people and a process in place to provide them with a complete information packet. Make sure the packet includes a summary job description and a list of what documentation is in the package.
  • Stopping work because the drawings contain technical errors.
    Solution: Put all drawings through a methodical review by a qualified person. Catching technical errors such as undersized conductors only when the electricians are getting ready to pull wire is very expensive; not only is their time wasted, but you’ll likely have a materials problem too.
  • Sipping coffee for the first fifteen minutes of each day while the foreman gets the day’s schedule sorted out with the project manager. If this is a crew of six people, you’ve just wasted 90 minutes of total crew time due to lack of preparation.
    Solution: Conduct planning offline, so crews have their assignments as soon as the clock starts. The planning can be done the day before or the foreman can start 30 minutes early.

Did you notice something about why time was wasted?

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection