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Don’t Repeat the Same Old Fire Drills

Dont-Repeat-the-Same-Old-Fire-DrillsThink back to various instances of expediting work materials, pulling people from one project to save a “troubled one,” rescheduling work to cover a callback, stopping work because of drawing discrepancies, rework because of miscommunication, etc.

If you make a list of twenty “wasted time episodes,” you will probably notice most aren’t one-off occurrences. They have happened repeatedly and will no doubt happen again. No doubt that is, unless you learn from the mistakes that created the situation. And correct your processes, procedures, and training deficiencies.

Just take one item from the list and ask why it happened each of the times it happened over the past two years (or twenty instances, whichever is less). Now you have 20 “top-level” causes, many of which are probably the same. For each of those causes, ask why that cause happened. Then repeat this on the answers you get, for a total of three layers.

You will get to the underlying causes of the chain of events that leads to the time-wasting problems. Correct for those causes, and your crews instantly become that much more efficient.

At each layer, ask three questions. For example, field electricians stop work on many projects to resolve a drawing discrepancy. Why is there a discrepancy in the first place? Why the waiting until the field electricians are onsite before reviewing the drawings against the actual site? Do the same discrepancies occur regularly?

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection