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Don’t Make Them Wait

dont-make-them-waitIf a car sits idling for 30 minutes, what’s its gas mileage? Whether it’s rated at 12MPG or 50MPG, the answer is the same. Zero. Something similar is true of your crew. No matter how efficient they are, they must actually be working for that efficiency to count.

Maybe the crew arrives onsite only to be confronted with security issues. Once they get in, they’re told they have to take the mandatory contractor safety class but the safety director is in a meeting for the next 30 minutes. When they finally get to the work area, the production supervisor is surprised to see them. And the work area isn’t ready.

How much time elapsed, in which you’ve been paying a crew that gets nothing done?

You can foresee and accommodate nearly all arrival time wasters, by creating a site preparation checklist that will have a targeted completion date ahead of the job start date. Draw from your experience to create the list. At a minimum, include:

  • Security clearances. What is needed and how do we get approval for each crew member?
  • Safety training. How do we complete it before the start date?
  • Path to work area. Equipment must get from the gate to the work area. What’s the shortest path? Where do we park to start there?

Work area. Have someone tape this off the night before. Also inspect the area for safety issues at this time.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection