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Don’t Hamper Craft Capability

dont-hamper-craft-capabilityCraft capability is important, but sole reliance on it has a big efficiency cost. Don’t hamper craft capability with any of the following:

  • Outdated methods. What are your five most commonly performed tasks? When is the last time you reviewed the procedures for doing them? Do you even have procedures? What about training on task methods? Have you incorporated such things as kitting (ask your distributor) to reduce field work time?
  • Outdated or worn equipment. Prime candidates for replacement and/or upgrade include hand tools (look for more ergonomic versions) and power tools. When scoping out new power tools, think in terms of full availability. A power tool kit containing a spare clip-in battery and charger means much higher availability than a tool that must be plugged in to recharge (unless you like paying extra for spare tools).
  • Unused organizing systems. A coffee can full of various connectors wastes time and leads to mistakes. A tray made specifically for storing connectors for field use saves time and reduces mistakes. How can you organize parts, tools, and equipment? If you really have no idea, see what your distributor offers along these lines.
  • No daily work plan. The crew arrives on the job, and waits around for an hour before the foreman has a handle on what needs to be done for that day. This should have been assessed the previous day, and assignments made to each individual crew member. That way, they can start right away the next day.

Source: Mark Lamendola | Mindconnection