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You Can’t Always Take The Heat, Part 3

You-Can’t-Always-Take-The-Heat,-Part-3Heat exhaustion is a signal you need to get out of the heat. Your body has reached the limits of its ability to deal with the heat, and you’re thus on the path to something serious like heat stroke.

What are the signs? For one thing, clammy skin. Another sign, as the name implies, is you feel exhausted. You may even experience dizziness. If you don’t sense the exhaustion or the dizziness, that doesn’t mean you’re not undergoing heat exhaustion. If you even suspect you are, stop what you’re doing. Ask a coworker to take you to an aid station.

Why stop, instead of waiting for break? Time is of the essence. Waiting for break could mean you collapse and don’t return to work that day. Or the next. Why not just go to the aid station yourself? Remember the dizziness? Suppose you’re walking to the aid station, the dizziness hits you, and you fall. That’s why you need a coworker to take you. This person can be alert for signs you’re about to collapse.

If a coworker suggests you go to the aid station because you look pasty, don’t argue. Go. There’s no sense being a danger to yourself and others, when the solution is so simple. Keep an eye on your coworkers, too.

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