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You Can’t Always Take The Heat, Part 1

you-cant-always-take-the-heat-part-1People sometimes die from being overheated. The good news is the signs of overheating usually get progressively stronger as the condition worsens, and this means if you and your coworkers know what to look for you can prevent a tragedy.

In many cases, the overheating condition itself doesn’t kill the victim. An overheated person feels fatigued and often can’t think clearly. This can lead to sloppy actions, inattention, and fatal mistakes.

Heat rash is an early warning that you’re becoming dehydrated (and it’s time to cool off). The rash happens if your perspiration thickens (due to excessive perspiration and/or inadequate water intake) that your sweat glands clog up. Many people will reach for a sports drink or a soda, but those are bad choices because they are diuretic and will only aggravate the condition. Drink plenty of water, and get to a cooler area.

If you’ve been working in that transformer vault too long, don’t just slug some water down and go back in. You need to cool your core. Try  standing in front of a fan for a while. When your skin looks and feels normal, you can try entering the hot area again. But if the rash returns, don’t tempt fate.

Showering in lukewarm water after your shift should open the pores, if they don’t open on their own.

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